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2017 Annual Report

An Organization On the Rise

In an effort to meet a higher standard of accountability to the communities we serve and to better inform those communities regarding the accomplishments and operations of our organization, Canyon Creek Services is proud to release its first Annual Report. Starting with this year and after the completion of each following fiscal year, Canyon Creek will publicly release a thorough and accessible report to the citizens of Iron, Beaver, and Garfield Counties. The following narrative accompanies a two-page infographic which presents several of the key statistics and information related to our operations during the July 2017 to June 2018 fiscal year.

Board of Directors and Personnel

During this fiscal year period, our board was made up of the following capable and talented community members: Bev Emery, President; Cyndi Wallace, Vice President; Jim Douglas, Treasurer; Maureen Einfeldt, Secretary; Tyler Goddard; Johnny Oh; Mike S. Leavitt; Linda Hudson; Lavona Montgomery; Jayme Payne; Tessa Douglas. In collaboration with the staff of CCS, the board approved a 5-Year Strategic Plan for the organization which began July 2018. The Board was engaged in the work of the organization and provided effective and supportive oversight and professional guidance. The Board’s contribution was invaluable.

This past year also saw some new faces at Canyon Creek as well as some familiar faces in new positions. After working as our first Awareness & Prevention Director, Kait Sorensen became the Victim Services Director. Niki Venis moved from a Victim Advocate position to becoming the Shelter Director. We also added two more full-time Victim Advocate positions, bringing the total to six. A full-time Administrative Assistant position was also added. New and capable Shelter Staff were also brought in to allow us to better staff the shelter and support new programming there.

Programs and Services

After going through significant organization change and restructuring during the previous year in order to accommodate current and future growth, CCS is expanding its services in both type and duration. We are serving survivors in more diverse ways and for longer periods of time.

With change and growth, we have also experienced challenges. Funding from some government entities requires a great deal of time and meticulous effort. There are pockets in our communities and some cultural norms and beliefs that hinder progress toward fully addressing and eradicating domestic and sexual violence. Our task of providing readily accessible services to all of Beaver, Iron, and Garfield Counties is not yet fulfilled, and there remains much to be done to get there. Internally, change can be challenging for staff and, at times, frustrating for the community in its efforts to connect with us. We feel we have met these challenges with optimism and determination. This annual report is part of our commitment to be transparent, accountable, and proactive in working with the communities we serve.

The Future

In the few short months since fiscal year 2018 ended, we have already seen more growth. We have hired a full-time Development Director, ReAnne Reimschussel; a new Awareness & Prevention Director, Roxy Burkhart; and a new Business & Operations Director, Allen Butt. We have added another full-time Victim Advocate, and increased the number of our Shelter Staff. We plan to hire a full-time staff person in our Business & Operations Department, and preparing for more growth in the coming fiscal year. We are expanding in the reach of our services and look ahead to a permanent presence in each of the counties we serve. We also look ahead to one day building a campus on which all of our services can be utilized. We are seeking to be more mobile and engage with technology as much as possible. Finally, we are increasing our efforts toward innovation and best practices in this field. Awareness and prevention work if enough members of community choose to engage. We see a future where all of our communities are free of domestic violence and sexual assault. Next year will be even better.

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