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Federal funding cuts mean we need your help to bridge the gap

Written by: Skyllar Danise, Development Staff CCS

For an organization like Canyon Creek Services, community support, donations, and volunteer hours are invaluable. Last fiscal year, our agency served 770 survivors of domestic or sexual violence including 189 children, and the need for our services only continues to grow. We were able to provide community outreach and prevention programming to 19,205 individuals. As the only advocacy-based organization addressing domestic violence and sexual assault in Iron, Beaver, and Garfield Counties, our services are a critical need.

Despite our growth and the continued and urgent need for our services, our organization and other advocacy organizations nationwide are facing severe budget cuts for the second half of 2021 with even deeper cuts in the following year. Over 70% of our funding comes from federal and state funding sources that are not funded by taxpayer dollars. Victim of Crimes Act (VOCA) and Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) are federal funds supported by fines collected from convicted violent criminals as reparations for victims which are then distributed to nonprofit service providers like ours nationwide. Unfortunately, VOCA and VAWA funds are decreasing due to fewer federal convictions and more non-prosecution agreements (also known as plea deals), and no action has been taken at the federal level to find a solution. Because of this, we and our sister organizations across the country will be severely impacted.

Executive Director Brant Wadsworth shared about these cuts, “The most direct impact will be fewer services available to fewer survivors. That increases the danger for them, it increases long-term negative effects that they deal with because of their victimization, and it requires us to pare down what we can do for any individual survivor.”

We need your help, and survivors need your help. Because of this, we are launching a “Bridge the Gap” campaign to help us continue operations in the light of federal funding cuts. We need to raise an additional $215,000 from our community just to maintain the level of services we provided last fiscal year, and that doesn’t account for the anticipated increase in the need for services we’ve seen each year. Our community will be substantially impacted if we were unable to meet the needs of the many survivors in our service area.

The best way you can help us bridge this funding gap is by donating through our website. Whether it’s a small, one-time donation or a recurring, monthly donation, every dollar means we are one step closer

to our goal. You can also donate cash at our administrative office at 444 S Main Street Suite #A4 or by mailing a check to this same address. A list of the current, in-kind donations we are in need of and accepting can be obtained by emailing If you are unable to donate at this time but would still like to support our efforts, please share our message to friends and family members and follow us on social media @ccreekservices to learn about more ways you can help. If you are interested in volunteering your time and talents to supporting our organization, please complete a volunteer application here.

We are committed to serving every survivor who reaches out to us for support and continuing to prevent violence in our community. The realities of looming funding cuts will make it difficult for us to continue to meet the growing need for services in our area. We need your help to bridge the gap so we can continue to provide quality, essential services in the communities we serve.

Canyon Creek Services (CCS) provides free and confidential services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Iron, Beaver and Garfield counties. Services include emergency shelter, crisis intervention, information and referral, court and medical advocacy, mental health services, housing advocacy, safety planning and more. Help is available via the 24 hour hotline 435-233-5732 (call or text). CCS also provides awareness, education and prevention services in order to achieve our vision of “Communities Free of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.” For more information, please contact

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